I ran 52 races last year and all I got was…

… this massive T-shirt collection (nothing lousy about it, really).

Here they are, in all their frequently ill-fitting glory. This represents the sum total of all the shirtage from last year’s 52 Weeks, 52 Runs challenge. Yep, this is just 2012. There’s more from 2011 here. I love seeing what race directors come up with, hence my obsession with posting pictures of shirts.

Unfortunately, this also chronicles just how badly the majority of these fit me. I believe I have enough bedwear to last me the next three decades. From the 50 shirts I got last year (we missed out on a couple because we signed up too late), a few stand out. So, for the two of you who may be interested, herewith my Top 5, er, tops.

1. Shark Weekend 5K
2. Feaster Five
3. Super Sunday 5
4. Wineglass Half-Marathon
5. Stowe 8-Miler

Honorable mentions, because I love the graphic and color but won’t ever be able to wear them outside: Prone 5K, St. Charles Children’s Home 5K.


19 responses to “I ran 52 races last year and all I got was…

  1. This is fantastic. Thanks for the smile, and perhaps inspiration to challenge myself more?

  2. Have you thought about making a quilt with them? Or possibly 2 or 3 quilts?

    • There’s a place that does that. I really have to get my haiku out on them. I’m blanking on their name at the moment but have a haiku written about them on one of my notepads. I’ll try to get it out today.

      S, I’m with you on liking those v-necks. Congrats on such a great year.

      • Thanks!! I ended up going through a place called Project Repat in Boston. But if you find the name, I’d gladly look at sending some their way too. I definitely have enough to go around! 🙂

    • Done and done! Just today, in fact! 🙂

  3. Are you going to start a “why not a tank top” campaign this summer? Maybe the blogging world could bring about a revolution in race apparel!

  4. Awesome. I can’t really imagine a better motivation for running races!

  5. Such an awesome gallery!

  6. I love that you did a photo of each. Great way to commemorate your achievement.

  7. I know a dog that could destroy several of those shirts for you, if you’d like….

  8. Lin O'Neil-Clark

    Wow- you are just a crazy running lady! Good for you!!!!
    I’m currently snuggling under my blanket made from my tees ( about 10 of them you have pictured! :). ). Maybe make a blanket out of yours – ESP the ones you won’t go out in! Project Repat right in Boston made mine. I think it took 42 shirts to make a queen size- you’d have 10 left over!!!
    Hope to see you out there this year!!!

    • I’m doing it! A friend sent a Groupon for Project Repat the other day and we bought it. We wanted it all cotton though, and it’s amazing that we only had 30 useable cotton ones between us. So much tech! Very excited though. We might have to buy another one. 🙂