Down with it: Second Quincy Frozen 5K

There wasn’t any doubt that Hubby and I were going to do the second Frozen 5K in Quincy, MA. For one thing, it’s right in our ‘hood, meaning we only had to drive for 10 minutes in order to be there 90 minutes before the start. For another, it is hosted by our YMCA, where we go every Tuesday night to be lovingly tortured by our trainer, Mary, in a class called Strength and Stride. Mary and most of our classmates were also doing this run.

And then there’s the fact that I couldn’t pass up a second stab at one of the most glorious downhills ever. Here’s what I said about it last year …

“… Which brings us back to the delicious descent that helped me feel so (briefly) speedy. Momentously, I had to stop for a couple of seconds at the bottom because I was going too fast, and was perilously close to falling down. But I stayed upright and posted a significantly improved personal record. In a shocking twist, I even felt as though I could go a little farther.

Hills, I think perhaps I have been too hard on you.”

OK, so I was obviously experiencing some kind of delirium when I wrote that final bit. But there’s no doubt that it was an epic descent.

2nd Frozen 5K Quincy start

Chilly, but the clouds burned off just before the start.

Seeing as I’d done this run before, I had a pretty good idea of how it was going to go down. Although, this time I had an audience so I wanted to put in a shame-free showing. But I was feeling crabby beforehand, and my IT band was still giving me gyp, so I didn’t have high hopes. (When do I ever have high hopes?)

The first mile was slow. I want to say it was because I was saving my reserves for the other side of that glorious descent, but, no, I was just slow. I started running with one of my Y classmates, but she was worried she’d hold me back and was keen to run her own race, so I slowly inched ahead. (I know how she felt; I’ve only run a handful of races with a buddy. I like to work alone.)

The second mile was better. Not in-the-zone better, but better.

The final mile contained the aforementioned hill, which looked like this:


Trust me, it’s steeper than it looks.

I would have snapped a picture as I was hurtling down the other side, but I was, er, too busy hurtling down the other side. The nice thing about a race you’ve run before is that you know exactly where it’s going to finish. (Better than a GPS any day.) It meant I could go like a bat out of hell over the final quarter of a mile. So bat-like was I that I somehow managed to squeak in under 30 minutes again for only the second time ever. I was very excited. My triumph was extremely hill-assisted, but I’ll take it.

The event: Frozen 5K
The location: Quincy, MA
The date: January 6, 2013
My time: 29.56
Hubby’s time
: 19.37
The cause: South Shore YMCA
The T-shirt: No T-shirt for me (I registered too late)
The aftermath: Bananas, oranges, chowder, Subway


17 responses to “Down with it: Second Quincy Frozen 5K

  1. “…we only had to drive for 10 minutes in order to be there 90 minutes before the start.” made me laugh out loud (not good, given I am at work).

    Congrats on a second <30 race!

  2. Congratulations! 30 eluded me last year…maybe this year? Love reading about your races!

  3. I love the “90 minutes from the start” part. Made me laugh and you know why!

  4. We are doing the A1A 1/2 marathon in Fort Lauderdale in a couple of weeks and your 10 minutes to be there early remark, was funny! We are roughly 20 minutes from the start of this race… which we have to be at by 4:00 am for the 6:20 start!!!

    I can’t remember what year it was, but friends and I used to go to the Patriots/Dolphins, yes, Pats fans in South Fl., back in the 80s. I do remember one trip to Quincy Market! πŸ™‚ We were staying in Framingham, but traveled all around New England every time we got up there. Really pretty.

  5. Another sub 30 5K in the books! Time to strive for the sub 29 5K in 2013! (That’s a lot of numbers in one sentence.)

  6. Awesome under 30!!! That’ll be on my to do list…maybe next year. πŸ™‚

  7. Look at you, with your second sub-30! Don’t look now, it’s becoming a habit πŸ™‚ Nice race!

  8. Under 30. Good for you. And it was brrrr cold. Congrats!

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