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I ran 52 races last year and all I got was…

… this massive T-shirt collection (nothing lousy about it, really).

Here they are, in all their frequently ill-fitting glory. This represents the sum total of all the shirtage from last year’s 52 Weeks, 52 Runs challenge. Yep, this is just 2012. There’s more from 2011 here. I love seeing what race directors come up with, hence my obsession with posting pictures of shirts.

Unfortunately, this also chronicles just how badly the majority of these fit me. I believe I have enough bedwear to last me the next three decades. From the 50 shirts I got last year (we missed out on a couple because we signed up too late), a few stand out. So, for the two of you who may be interested, herewith my Top 5, er, tops.

1. Shark Weekend 5K
2. Feaster Five
3. Super Sunday 5
4. Wineglass Half-Marathon
5. Stowe 8-Miler

Honorable mentions, because I love the graphic and color but won’t ever be able to wear them outside: Prone 5K, St. Charles Children’s Home 5K.


Shirts so good: part three

It’s that time again, otherwise known as “I keep forgetting to take photos of all the race shirts, so now I have enough to make another gallery.” The collection keeps growing. I like the shirts from the Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon & 5K, the Stowe 8 Miler and the Providence Rock ’n’ Roll Half Marathon for an obvious reason: they fit! Also, the Marcia Lemkin 5K, even though it doesn’t look too flash, is a yellow fluorescent tee from Brooks; night running, here I come. Maybe.

But my absolute favorite from this stash, which could well turn out to be my all-time favorite, is the Shark Weekend tank top. Why don’t more summer runs give these out?

Shirts so good: part two

I shouldn’t be surprised that my running-shirts collection is getting out of control (a race a week will do that). But every time I open my dresser drawer to add the latest testament to my lack of skills, I am still genuinely amazed at just how many I have accumulated over the past 12 months.

Back in March, I put together this gallery, but I have been lax in updating it, so here are a few more tees. I love how much they vary in size. I tip my hat to the race organizers who have figured out that “unisex” shirts, i.e., men’s, don’t really work for petite women, or any women, really.

I am in the midst of collecting the ones I can’t really use for donation to a local charity. But they will endure here …

Shirts so good

When I started running, the shirts were great motivators. Never having participated in a sport of any kind, I was thrilled at every race to get a new tee proclaiming my new-found athleticism (or at least proclaiming that I pre-registered and made it to the pick-up point without getting lost).

More than 20 runs later, the shirts still give me joy, although they may have been replaced by beer as my primary motivating factor. Many of them are too big on me, and the majority will never see the outdoors again, but each symbolizes a run conquered and a challenge met. I’ll eventually donate them, but for now, they take pride of place on my shelf, and here …