52 Weeks, 52 Runs. No. 6: Riding in buses with runners

A diabolical duo of DIY runs these past two weeks proved what I already knew: unless there’s T-shirts, assorted malty beverages, and a crowd to propel me forward (fear of shame is a great motivator), I’m an epic failure as a runner. So I was excited to get back to my regularly scheduled 52 Weeks, 52 Runs programming by suiting up for the Super Sunday 5 in Cambridge, MA. I figured at the very least, the race would erase from my mind the ignominy of the great treadmill and wind debacles of 2012.

Super Sunday 5

And we're off. The slightly blurry start (for all) and finish (for most).

In addition to its shame-eradicating properties, Sunday’s event promised beer and general Super Bowl Day merriment (with music courtesy of BearFight, “Boston’s premier hard-rock party band”). Also, it benefited Target Cancer, Cycle Kids, East Cambridge Little League, Broad Institute, and LIVESTRONG. Reasons enough to come out in the cold. But what really sealed the deal for me was the presence of the famed Boston party bus The Bustonian.

Super Sunday 5

Hmmm, which to choose?

The race was ostensibly a five-miler, but organizers wisely figured that some people (i.e., me) might want to ditch after 3.1, so the rockin’ bus was there – complete with festive lighting and party music – to transport us back to the start.

Can I have The Bustonian on standby every time I do a race? It’s the dream!

I was a bit sad that I didn’t just get to ride the bus with a cold one (beer, not vampire) for the duration of the 5K, but I guess this 52 Weeks, 52 Runs challenge requires me to, you know, run …

Super Sunday 5 Bustonian

There were two buses taking 5K runners back to the start. I got Mr Bustonian!

Speaking of running …

You would think the promise of a rockin’ party ride (I admit, I was irrationally excited about this) would have been enough to make me bust(onian) my ass to get to the finish. But no.

I’ve run in colder cold and encountered hillier hills. So there’s no reason this run should have been lousy. But I just I can’t seem to locate my willpower. Perhaps it’s off somewhere with my mojo doing shots. Wherever these scoundrels are, I’d appreciate a text. Their absence is starting to become conspicuous.

I wasn’t able to get through the first mile without slowing to a (fast) walk. I continued on in this run/walk fashion for the duration. I wouldn’t be so annoyed if I hadn’t previously proven my mettle by running an entire 5K. But suddenly my lungs have started acting out (I have never used my inhaler so often on a run). Perhaps I need to increase their allowance.

So much for shame eradication.

This combination of naughty lungs and missing willpower is alarming, especially as I have ahead of me a number of longer runs (and no party bus). I see my future, and it’s the treadmill …

(My level of suckitude notwithstanding, this was a fabulous event.)

Six runs down, 46 to go. It’s a long, wheezy road ahead.

Super Sunday 5The event: Super Sunday 5
The location: Cambridge, MA
The date: February 5, 2012
My time: 34.07
Hubby’s time: 35.22 (he did the five miles)
The cause:
Target Cancer, Cycle Kids, East Cambridge Little League, Broad Institute, and LIVESTRONG
The T-shirt:
White long-sleeved shirt (purchased); free mug
The aftermath: Five kinds of beer, wings, assorted beverages, Pop Chips


19 responses to “52 Weeks, 52 Runs. No. 6: Riding in buses with runners

  1. Anyone running 52 races is allowed a bad run every so often. Good luck next week!

  2. OK – my turn to say “keep your chin up” – good luck next week!

    • Cheers! Chin is officially up. I’m actually looking forward to next weekend’s run on the beach! Although I’m already starting to freak out a bit about the cold. Can’t really complain too much given how mild this winter has been.

  3. Is there a Ms. Bustonian? I’m asking for a single friend who dates buses.

  4. And now we’ve signed up for another beer based run. Think that if we reach summer and there’s no beer on offer after a race, had better have a cooler full in the back of the car…for the hydration of course! Or maybe just to pre-game away the hurt.

  5. Don’t give up and don’t go back to the treadmill! I run a lot, and there are days that it’s just not there. I could do 6 miles and think I’m king of the world, and then barely get through 1 mile a couple days or a week later. It’s a vicious cycle, and I admire your determination!

    And by the way, this event sounds amazing! I wish there was a bus like this to transport me after every run…even the recreational ones, lol.

    • Thanks for your motivating words! I definitely don’t want to go back to the treadmill; it’s more for training purposes as I’m a wimp when it comes to running outside on my own. I’m determined to find a way around it.

      I agree with you about the event! I loved the idea of the party bus (as you could probably tell). It was genius! I hope they do it again next year, although only about 10% of runners availed themselves of it. 🙂

  6. It’s probably because you’ve gotten used to running indoors on the TM and your body (and lungs) aren’t used to the outdoor run again. Regardless, you still finished with a good time, especially with walking, so you should be proud that you did it!! We all have bad runs once in awhile. I thought about doing this race then I thought “It’s in February…” and declined. Haha

    • Haha! Not even the Bustonian could persuade you, eh? Are you going to do the Quincy 5K? I know what you mean about the lungs. Mine HATE being out in the cold. I think that’s about 75% of the problem right now. Can’t wait for it to warm up a fraction. Although when it gets too hot, I’ll be complaining about that too! 🙂

  7. I don’t think I’ll be doing the Quincy 5K b/c DH will be heading out of town that day for a week away. Do you know what time it starts? Haven’t been able to find the start time anywhere… I’ll be the same with the heat. Sweating like a pig and beet red in the face, mumbling to myself, “I wish it was 30 degrees colder.” Hahhha

  8. Hey Tracey,

    It was so nice to meet you and Andrew at the Super Sunday race! Well, our paths have crossed to a degree before, but nice to officially be introduced. 🙂 I felt a bit shaky racing over 5K even though, technically, it was my 5 mile master’s PR – Andrew still beat me handily. Glad you had a good time (hey, beer *and* party bus!), and like others have said, don’t be too hard on yourself. There’s a long season ahead, and I’m sure I’ll see you two again. Happy running!

    P.S.: I neglected to mention it before, but thank you, Andrew, for your service!

    • Cheers mate! Hope we definitely cross paths as the weather warms. Will make the post race beers much more inviting.

    • Thanks James! Great to officially meet you too. Thanks so much for seeking us out, and I have no doubt we will cross paths again. You can check out all the runs we’re doing on the right hand side of the blog, btw! Happy running!! 🙂

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