Shirts so good: part three

It’s that time again, otherwise known as “I keep forgetting to take photos of all the race shirts, so now I have enough to make another gallery.” The collection keeps growing. I like the shirts from the Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon & 5K, the Stowe 8 Miler and the Providence Rock ’n’ Roll Half Marathon for an obvious reason: they fit! Also, the Marcia Lemkin 5K, even though it doesn’t look too flash, is a yellow fluorescent tee from Brooks; night running, here I come. Maybe.

But my absolute favorite from this stash, which could well turn out to be my all-time favorite, is the Shark Weekend tank top. Why don’t more summer runs give these out?


21 responses to “Shirts so good: part three

  1. visitingmissouri

    That’s quite the way to fill up your closet. You’ll never have to do laundry again. Of course, you’d want to wash them after you run, but still.

  2. How long did it take you to try on and take pics of all your shirts for this post? We appreciate your dedication to showing us the many racing styles available. 🙂 I’m jealous of the tank! It is summer after all. I can’t wait for the day when I can find a race giving out a tech tank instead of a tech tee.

    • The picture process is actually pretty easy. We usually do them all at once and have our system down pat (although we may need to mark up the floor so we’re always the same distance apart. Ha.) Yes, these race-shirt designers are an inventive bunch! 🙂

      The tank is awesome, although this one is cotton. Still fab though! Dreaming of a tech one too, although that ship may have sailed this summer.

      Speaking of fab, check out Hubby’s latest haiku-erick below!

    • Yes! Why AREN’T there more tank give-aways at races?

  3. So many shirts! So many trips to Goodwill! LOL

  4. Free shirts a blessing
    Which racers made for dressing?
    Giants I’m guessing!

  5. Great gallery of shirts and accomplishments!

  6. There’s a few obvious “unisex” (men’s!) shirts, but overall, I think you’ve got a good-looking and well-fitting collection going there!

  7. I heart my race shirts, though they’ve never been worn during the race (usually the quality is too low to risk being uncomfortable while racing). I wear them during my other physical activities. I super love getting a variety (tanks in summer, t-shirt in fall / spring and even long sleeve in winter) but nothing makes my day more than getting a tech shirt!!!!

    • I hear you on the tech shirts. It’s amazing how over the past 12 months, they have become much more the norm at runs. We hardly ever get cotton any more. And yes, I never run in them either, but I do bust a few of them out occasionally. 🙂 Most will never see the light of day, though, sadly.

  8. You are a machine!!! I seriously need to meet you and hop on your running train! Awesome job! I love the looks of that shark week tank the best too!