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52 Weeks, 52 Runs. No. 45: The mandatory Color Run

It occurred to me soon after I started Stride & Joy that one of the requirements of the runblogosphere is that you MUST participate in at least one Color Run. Two if you want to be taken really seriously.

I kid. I do admit that the run appealed to me. But I’m not sure why. I wouldn’t have thought being sprayed with colorful crap would be that enjoyable. But I was completely sucked in by the marketing: Happiest 5K on the Planet!!! The planet!! The folks on the Color Run website may look like rejects from the Rainbow Brite factory, but they’re all having So. Much. Fun.

The Color Run

A sea of white to start.

Lest you think this is going to devolve into a rant about big, expensive, soulless running events, it’s not (although the Color Run does fall into each of those categories to varying degrees). I did indeed enjoy being covered with colorful crap, OK cornstarch, even though I didn’t emerge from the melee as colorful as I thought I would, and the wave starts took an eternity (diminishing my fun at the outset). The Color Run is expensive, but it does donate to local charities in each city it’s held in, so there’s that. And it gets people out running who may not normally do it, so there’s that as well.

The Color Run

Lovely day for it.

However, mostly what I enjoyed about this event was Hubby’s get-up. When we signed up for the Washington, D.C., Color Run months ago (actually held at National Harbor in Maryland), he declared his intention to do it in a white Root Suit. The run suggests you wear white to maximize the impending colorfulness, so, he figured, why not go the full blanc?

Made sense to me.

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52 Weeks, 52 Runs. No. 21: What? You mean running a 5K in under 30 minutes is not the most important thing in the world?

I declared last week that perhaps running and I needed some space. Things were getting a bit rocky – and not the fist-pumping, Eye of the Tiger kind. You would think this realization would be reason enough for me to take a weekend off, use the time to decide what I really want out of the relationship. Running, maybe I’m just not that into you.

Instead, I decided to do two 5Ks.

Of course I did.

Brian K. Betts Foundation

The Washington Monument looks over West Potomac Park in Washington, DC, the setting for the Brian K. Betts Foundation 5K.

The first, the Brian K. Betts 5K, in Washington, DC, was one of those events, though, where the cause really transcended the run. One of the things I love about these smaller 5Ks is that sometimes they shed light on a person or a charity I never would otherwise have heard of. And while I love to make jokes about free beer and T-shirts and all the things that running gives me, I much prefer it when I know my entry fee is going somewhere truly worthwhile.

In this case it was the Brian K. Betts Foundation. Betts was the principal of a troubled Washington school, and by all accounts a “rising star” in the DC system. His mantra for students was “I will not let you be average,” which I love. He was fatally shot in his home in April 2010. The foundation in his name promotes academic excellence and educational enrichment for students and faculty.

Brian K. Betts Foundation

Lovely morning run along the Potomac.

This was clearly so much bigger than me and whether or not I ever manage to run a sub-30-minute 5K …

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