52 Weeks, 52 Runs. No. 23: Runniversary to remember

It occurred to me halfway through my five-miler at Boston’s Run to Remember on Sunday that it is my one-year runniversary. On May 28, 2011, I ran the Chick fil-A 5K in Newport News, Va., after Hubby signed me up on a whim (there were fuzzy cows involved). Prior to that, I hadn’t run since high school. My sports teacher would likely say I never “ran” at all.

I would like to think that this inaugural 5K sparked in me a deep love and passion for the sport and uncovered an innate athletic talent waiting to be nurtured …

It didn’t do that.

What it did do was plunge me into a brave new world of weekend runcations, early starts, thermal tights, bibs, T-shirts, medals, coconut water, run snobs, compression socks, hills, GPS watches, chia seeds, beer, and weird granola bars. It gave me a physical challenge greater than anything I could have envisioned. It also inspired me to write this blog.

Boston's Run to Remember

Boston’s Run to Remember from above on a glorious Memorial Day weekend. The half-marathoners are coming in on the right.

Running will always be a struggle for me, thanks to my loser asthmatic lungs, but I am getting better. A year ago I could barely run a block. Today I can do 10 kilometers. It’s not pretty, and sometimes (OK all the time) I scowl and swear, and occasionally I want to ditch the whole thing (my 5K to Couch program), but I can do it.

Since May 2011, I have completed 35 races in five states (plus one in Australia). I have accumulated more T-shirts than I will ever need, and am this close to starting my own line of safety pin jewelry on the side. I have bought three pairs of running shoes and more Lululemon items than I care to admit. I have amassed a ridiculous collection of medals, a few of which are actually useful. I’ve sent money in the direction of numerous charities and watched my formerly non-exercising Hubby turn into a half-marathon demon.

This year’s 52 Weeks, 52 Runs challenge has added yet another new dimension to my life.

Most importantly, and although you may not believe it if you were to catch a glimpse of me mid-run (grimacing, crimson-faced, gasping for air), I don’t recall ever having so much fun.

The Run to Remember

My anniversary run (and No. 23 in the challenge) was Boston’s Run to Remember, which honors Massachusetts law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty, and benefits Community and kids programs of the Boston Police Runner’s Club.

It was a huge event, with 9,000 or so runners, held in the midst of a perfect Memorial Day long weekend. I did the five-miler and Hubby the half. Savvy readers will recall that the last time I ran five miles was in March, so I was a little out of practice. (Some might say this is a permanent state for me.)

Boston's Run to Remember

Running to remember.

During the past couple of 5Ks, I had refocused my energies on running the whole way (again). I thought there was no way in heck I could do a full five miles without walking, but I kept a steady pace and met up again with my old friend Endurance, who I guess had been on vacation. Together, we rocked, and almost managed to run all the hills. I know the prevailing wisdom is that longer distances afford you more time to get into a rhythm, but I always thought longer just equaled more opportunity for red-faced humiliation. Maybe not …

My progress may be slow (sometimes it goes in reverse), but I’ve come a long way in 12 months.

Twenty-three runs down, 29 to go.

Boston's Run to RememberThe event: Boston’s Run to Remember
The location: Boston
The date: May 27, 2012
My time: 52.49 (10.34 – two seconds faster than last week’s 5K pace!)
Hubby’s time:
1.41.12 (pace 7.44)
The shirt:
White short-sleeved cotton
The cause: Community and kids programs of the Boston Police Runner’s Club
The aftermath:
Bananas, granola bars, bagels, potato chips


33 responses to “52 Weeks, 52 Runs. No. 23: Runniversary to remember

  1. First year is now done
    So many miles you have run
    And toned up your buns

    Nice work on getting so from the start…

  2. diary of a dashinista

    Happy Runiversary and congratulations on your time! Let me know when the safety pin jewellery launches 😉

    • Thanks!! And I will! Got to do a few more races yet; build up my stock. 🙂 We try so hard to bring our own pins to runs, but it doesn’t always work.

  3. attagirl!
    loving the ‘5k to Couch’ reference, btw 😉

  4. This WAS a fun race! I ran the 5-miler and had heard bad things about the course (I realize now they were probably telling me about the course for the half), but I actually felt good and enjoyed the entire run…not normal for me when a 5:30am wakeup is involved!

    Congrats on the runniversary, and on the time! We msut have been running “together” for part of this as you finished only 30 seconds apart from me.

    • I hear you about the wake-up. Hubby likes to be at runs VERY early! I think I had to get up at 5 that morning. Hardly optimal conditions. That’s funny about our times. I’m sure we were pacing each other! I’ll have to check the results to see who “won.” 🙂

  5. Congrats!! That is a kick ass time! I would have thought about doing this run too but I wasn’t around… and the thought of running 5 miles scares me a bit at the moment. My first 5-miler will probably be the Feaster Five.

    • Thanks! I’ll never know how sometimes I can just grit my teeth and do it, while other times it’s torture (blinding rain notwithstanding). 🙂

      We’ll definitely be doing the Feaster Five this year! I was thinking earlier that there are a few repeat runs we want to do.

  6. Way to go on the race and congrats on your runniversary!

  7. Congrats!! Loving your blog, one race after the next.

  8. Love this – here’s to lots more running and lots more blogging!

  9. THIS is actually what I was talking about in yesterday’s JoggingJeans.com post about you! Look how far you’ve come!! I love your honesty, and it is especially refreshing to read a running blog that isn’t all “I love running” about EVERY SINGLE RUN. Keep up the running and writing!

    Love ya!

    • Aww, you are too sweet!! Thanks so much. I can’t believe I missed an opportunity this weekend to snap another pic for you! But it was so rainy and my phone was so slippery, I couldn’t pull it out of my pocket fast enough to capture the jeans runner. Next time! I feel like there are a lot more sightings in my future. 🙂 xoxo

  10. Yeah…if someone made safety pin jewelry I’d so buy them! I need more bling for my races…and who doesn’t??

    • Ha! I know, right? Bling is good! Well, apparently “safety pin jewelery” is making a comeback, according to Mr. Google (who knew it ever went away?), so we could be on to something. 🙂

  11. Love the “aftermath” in your posts. Isn’t that why we run? Great job on your runs. Keep blogging your way through it all.

    • Thanks! It’s definitely why we run. Although lately, I’m finding beer is not playing as big a role as it once did. So I hope that changes soon! 🙂

  12. Saving My Belly Button Ring

    Happy Runniversary!! Great read and most excellent race/cause!

  13. Saving My Belly Button Ring

    PS ~ Totally in awe of what you have accomplished in this last year. Good for you!!

  14. Beauty! too right you earn coldie & lollies. cobber from down under

  15. Happy runniversary, indeed! I was a DNS for this race, but I’ll be looking for you at the P.R.o.N.E. 5K tomorrow – congratulations on your great progress!

  16. Wow, congrats on a strong race to mark your first runniversary!

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