52 Weeks, 52 Runs. No. 9: Between a shamrock and a hard place

I’m feeling a little green this week, which is fitting given that I’m in the midst of running the Irish-themed Wild Rover Series. A new job has my mind occupied and my butt attached to the nearest soft surface. The gym is a distant memory. And though my 52 Weeks, 52 Runs schedule is on track, my attention and enthusiasm have been diverted while I find my footing at the new gig.

So, of course, I’m completely prepared to run four miles this coming weekend and five the weekend after …

When Hubby and I first signed up for the three-race Wild Rover series, which ups the mileage every week, we figured it would be a great way to ease me into slightly longer distances. But now I’m thinking it’s going to be a great way to ease me back onto the couch.

Frozen Shamrock 3-Miler

Who needs shorts when you can run in kilts!

Ah, I figure it’s all part of the, um, fun.

The first Wild Rover installment was last weekend’s Frozen Shamrock 3-Mile Run. (That’s right, a three-miler! I didn’t even have to run that extra 0.1, which must be what brings me undone on a typical 5K. Right?)

Sponsored as it was by an ale house, there was obviously going to be beer – clearly a draw for me. (I love how beer and running have become inextricably linked in my world.)

There was also some superior neck bling, in the form of a medal with three parts that come together to form a lucky charm (you get one bit every race). Many of you know how I feel about medals that don’t double as wine stoppers, but I admit that this triple-shiny is pretty cool.

Frozen Shamrock 3-Miler

Three times the charm! From Ashworth Awards.

Anyway, on to the run (sometimes I forget that’s the point!). I started out at a blistering pace ( in my mind, anyway), and was breezing along for the first half mile. Which probably had more to do with the strong tailwind than any newly acquired skills on my part.

The blistering stopped when I encountered hilly nemesis No. 1, but I took the incline at a good clip, reaching the first mile marker at 11.32 (I love races with timing clocks at each mile), which was about 11.16 if you factored in the gun time. (Yes, I speak like this now.) I was on fire! OK, more like on smoulder. On fire would have been sub-11, but still …

Frozen Shamrock 3-Miler

Run like the wind! Mostly because it was really windy.

At mile two, I briefly entered The Zone. You know, that place where everything comes together and your lungs work and you feel like you have rhythm and can run forever? Yep, that one. It was right after the water stop and lasted for two minutes. Exactly. It may have been my longest Zone yet.

The rest of the run was up and down. I had to walk for 30 seconds here and there, although when Mr. I Finished 10 Minutes Ago came back to encourage me home, I was running and not doing my customary curse/run/walk/curse. Seems as though I had found a second wind. Actually, maybe it was a third wind. I think the second one was busy slapping me in the face (it was a very breezy day).

I posted my best time yet (sub-32!!), but then I remembered it was a 3-miler rather than a 5K. Dang. Oh well, I won’t tell anyone if you won’t …

Nine down, 43 to go. It’s a long, formidable road ahead (including my first 4-miler next week).

The event: Little River Ale House Frozen Shamrock 3-Mile Run
The location: Haverhill, MA
The date: February 26, 2012
My time: 31.34
Hubby’s time:
The cause:
This run didn’t support a charity, but we gave $35 to the American Cancer Society for its Daffodil Days program
The T-shirt:
Green (of course!) long-sleeved tech shirt
The aftermath: Beer and chilli, simplicity itself


12 responses to “52 Weeks, 52 Runs. No. 9: Between a shamrock and a hard place

  1. Great job on your run!!! I think my mom wants to do this group of races next year. She loves the idea of those medals!

    • Thanks! I must say, the medals definitely factored heavily in our decision to do the series. Although I think Hubby likes them more than I do! Still, you really can’t go past the three-piece idea. I say kudos to whoever thought of it. 🙂

  2. best of luck battling the runs and the new gig…..

  3. Saving My Belly Button Ring

    A most excellent read! Congrats on the new job AND awesome job on the race! So cool, three races, three medals and increased mileage. Neato. 😉

    • Thanks!! Agree with you on the cool factor! I need shiny things and bubbles to keep me going. Have NO idea how I’m going to fare over four miles, especially seeing as I have basically done zero training. Ha. Still, I can’t wait to find out. 🙂

      • Saving My Belly Button Ring

        I am with you on needing prizes, and for me, I need the crowd so I am not the only poor schmo doing mileage. hahaha You are so gonna rock 4 miles. Might not enjoy it, but your gonna rock it! Hahaha

  4. I’m doing this series too – in fact, it looks like you’re also doing the WRFB series? I’m the crazy one in the tutu – great photos and recap!

    • Fabulous! I did see a number of crazy people in tutus. 🙂 Which color was yours? I am doing the WRFB, although I won’t be able to tally enough runs to get the jacket! How about yourself? Hubby will though, as he did the indoor half-marathon. I’m loving both of these series.

      I just read your recap! Nice!! You are so much faster than me, I never would have seen your tutu! 🙂 I’ll look out for you this weekend.

  5. That medal is AMAZING! You must be collecting some serious race hardware now 🙂

    • Ha! It’s getting a bit ridiculous. Although nowhere near as ridiculous as the number of shirts I have collected. I keep meaning to put them on the blog, but can’t quite find the time to photograph them all! It’s an entire wardrobe. Anyway, this medal is pretty sweet! Can’t wait for the third piece this weekend. 🙂

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