I, Claus: Santa Sightings 5K Fun Run

I’ve spent more time than I would have thought necessary trying to figure out how to dress for cold runs. So I was grateful for the folks at last weekend’s Santa Sightings 5K for removing the uncertainty, although I was still in two minds about having to wear a beard.

Santa Sightings 5K Fun Run

The Santas gather in downtown New Bedford, MA.

The Santa suits were provided and mandatory at this New Bedford event. Which meant 1,600 men, women and children decked out in full jolly-fat-man regalia, including pants, jacket, belt, hat, and the aforementioned facial hair. The “Santa Run” is apparently a worldwide phenomenon – one that appeared to have passed me by in the Before Time (i.e., when the thought of running even a single block was hysterical) – and this was its New England premiere. Trust me, Santas en masse is amusing, but Santas running en masse borders on hilarity.

I see red

Santa Sightings 5K Fun Run

Secret Santa.

There are certain people who can pull off a Santa look, but I am not one of them. Perhaps it was the fact that my oversized novelty red pants sat right under my boobs in old-man fashion, or my jacket refused to close fully, but I looked more like a dumpy, slightly shady elf than a spreader of joy (the sunglasses may have contributed). Hubby, on the other hand, as skinny as he is, was born to be a Santa. The mall beckons.

I may not have been a joy spreader, but I was certainly a shedder. The suit gave new meaning to “warm and fuzzy,” molting copious amounts of red fluff every time I moved (we were still discovering suit carnage days later), and more of the beard ended up in my mouth than was decent. I joined the rest of the Santas in reappropriating it as a neck warmer during the run.

Santa Sightings 5K Fun Run

Hubby Santa. And motivator.

Still, I posted my best time ever, despite feeling less than jolly thanks to three hills. (There was also a great deal of sweating going on under all that felt. I was unable to take off the coat because I had pinned the belt shut, so I felt like I was running in a very festive straitjacket.)

I would say my time triumph was suit-powered, but it was more likely due to Mr. Claus (i.e. Hubby) running alongside me and shouting encouraging phrases. This wasn’t an officially timed race, so there would be no internet shame for him in posting a result in the mid-30s (there was a clock at the end for our personal satisfaction). But he helped me run below 35 minutes for the first time. A Christmas miracle!

Santa Sightings 5K Fun Run

Speedy Santas!

The event: Santa Sightings 5K Fun Run
The location: New Bedford, MA
The date: December 10, 2011
My time (and Hubby’s): 33.59!
The T-shirt:
Red and green long-sleeved tech shirt
The aftermath: Larabars


7 responses to “I, Claus: Santa Sightings 5K Fun Run

  1. Oh, how lovely of Mr Claus! That’s a big gift, for a chap to put aside his ego in the athletic arena, for the sake of egging on his lady runner companion to a better result. Leadership material!

    • You’re absolutely right! I was most appreciative, although it may not have seemed so at the time (I don’t think I can run and *not* look annoyed). I wonder if the Guard would appreciate him in his Santa suit.

  2. It was the ‘ho, ho, ho’ cadence that created the Christmas miracle. As for the Guard, if red felt worked as camouflage, I am sure they would approve! So far, there don’t seem to be any invading alien hordes that this would work on…unless we have a problem with Tribbles.

  3. this was a blast! can’t wait til next year.

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