5 things I learned on my first 5K

1. Carrying a bottle of water is fine, but make sure the lid is back on tight after you take a swig. Otherwise you may end up with water down the front of your shorts that looks vaguely suspicious and takes the entire run to dry.

2. Leave your rings at home. Your fingers will swell and you won’t be able to get them off for the rest of the day. Plus, it hurts.

3. Wear the shirt. That way, when you stop at Starbucks for a post-race celebratory caffeine hit, you can receive suitably impressed looks from other coffee drinkers as they admire your hard-won attire (which hopefully distracts them from your tomato-face).

4. Pockets are handy. Otherwise the asthma puffer you have attempted to discreetly tuck down your pants is not only uncomfortable but threatens to fall out at any moment and looks like you’re packing a gun. A small one, but still.

5. Smile when you cross the finish line. Because someone may be taking a photo or, god forbid, a video that will then be posted online for all the world to see. Evidence below.

Chick fil-A 5K

I'm the beet-faced one on the left who looks thoroughly annoyed. See point No. 5.


2 responses to “5 things I learned on my first 5K

  1. Your attire looks at tad more appropriate than runner 64, who perhaps should buy a new pair of shorts 🙂

  2. Haha! Mine are yoga pants, hence their discreet length. I have since upgraded! Pretty sure shorter doesn’t equal faster though.