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My tootsies roll. Apparently there’s a cure for that

I can count on one hand the pairs of sneakers I’ve owned in the past 15 years. Actually, half a hand. Up until a few years ago, my athletic shoes rarely did anything remotely athletic. (In fact, I’m not even sure why I had sneakers in the Before Time – pre-running – other than to have something to wear with yoga pants during my brief and tragic flirtation with Pilates in 2004. But that’s another story.)

Running shoes

I have owned three pairs of sneakers in the past 15 years. This is one of them. Scroll up to see the third pair, bought late last year after I started running.

There’s no denying that runners need great shoes. Expert types say sneakers should be replaced every 350-400 miles, depending on how hard you run. Considering my rate, current achievable distance, and tendency to walk when things get tough, that’s good news for my footwear budget!

But I have never had a proper sneaker fitting. And I figured if I am going to continue to masquerade as a runner, I should at least do it in appropriate trainers. I have a hunch that my old method of shoe selection – “I’ll take the pink ones” – was slightly flawed.

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Holy sneakers!

Holy sneakers

Hard-core running shoes.

Prior to my first three runs, my three-year-old sneakers hadn’t seen much outdoor action. They were mostly treadmill pounders.

But after my third 5K, hello hole!

Rather than being upset that my big toe had become overly familiar with my shoe so soon (perhaps an unflattering commentary on my running style; I’ll investigate more on that later), I was happy. My first sporting apparel mishap!

I feel so hard core.