52 Weeks, 52 Runs. No. 25: Too hot by half

One very overdue post. Better late than never, eh?

Endurance, you are dead to me. You abandon me right when I need you, like when it’s 82 degrees and I’m running up a hill and it feels as though my head is about to pop off.

This pretty much sums up the run I did the weekend before last (before I had to unexpectedly return to Australia), the Halfway 5K, in Canton, MA – No. 25 in my 52 Weeks, 52 Runs challenge. (And yes, I’m disappointed that we didn’t time this one to fall at No. 26, halfway into the challenge. That would have been clever, no?)

It was a splendid day for a 5K. Maybe a little too splendid. (When someone says “it’s a perfect day for a run,” I die a little inside. These perfect days usually mean cloud-less skies, piercing sun, and soaring temperatures. Which for me means one thing: sweaty beet-face.)

Halfway 5K

A gorgeous day for it.

Notwithstanding my ridiculous intolerance to heat, I was thrilled that the organizers of the Halfway had won the weather lottery, as it no doubt helped them attract about 1,200 runners to their cause: Cops for Kids With Cancer, which is a wonderful organization that sports a truly awesome logo.

The turnout was all the more impressive given that this was an inaugural run. We turned up expecting your typical smallish neighborhood event – with a Vita Coco stand, perhaps (there is always a Vita Coco stand) – but this was nothing of the sort. There were freshly grilled turkey tips! And offerings of Sam Adams beer! And cups of free coffee! And frozen yogurt popsicles! And can you tell I love this kind of stuff?!

Halfway 5K


As many of you know, I am attempting a half-marathon in August, so I am technically in training. (Although I’ll be darned if I can tell the difference between “training” and “all the stuff I do regularly.” I guess it’s training because I have a schedule saying it is.) Anyway …

Call me crazy, but because I am running this half-marathon, I have an expectation that I should be able to, you know, run – especially something as teeny as a 5K. But on this particular day, as I mentioned, my endurance was nowhere to be found. I was motoring along just fine at the start, but somewhere around mile 1.75, the heat got to me and I lost all my oomph. As my hubby memorably likes to say, my sweat’s sweat was sweating.

Halfway 5K

Is it just me, or does everyone look very slanty?

Halfway 5K

Band on the run.

Still, there was no denying the fabulousness of this event. At the halfway point, we were instructed to hold out our arms to get slapped with a wristband that gives us 50% off wings at the Halfway Cafe. How great is that?

I needed wings at that point. Not the meaty kind, but the feathery, I don’t-have-to-use-my-legs-anymore kind.

Sadly, in the absence of actual wings, I had no choice but to propel myself up and down the many hills (I’m not allowed to complain about those) and across the finish by leg power alone. Unfair. It was hot, damn hot. I am slowly getting re-acclimatized to the heat, but it’s always going to be a struggle.

I was very scowly when hubby came back to run me in. I am starting to be super hard on myself when I don’t perform well. But that’s OK. There are cheap wings in my future and I supported an amazing cause. I’m sure things will pick up, especially now that I am doing more during the week. So I’m not worried. Not really …

Halfway 5KThe event: Halfway 5K
The location:
Canton, MA
The date: June 10, 2012
My time: 33.26 (pace: 10.46)
Hubby’s time:
20.32 (pace 6.36); third in his age group!
The cause:
Cops for Kids With Cancer
The T-shirt:
Green tech tee with “I ran Halfway” on the back
The aftermath: Turkey tips, Sam Adams beer, yogurt popsicles, Starbucks coffee, chocolate milk, energy drinks, bananas, oranges … you name it


24 responses to “52 Weeks, 52 Runs. No. 25: Too hot by half

  1. I think I need to start running 5Ks with you. None of mine have beer at the end. Have to run a half marathon to get a pint around here. I love reading your race reports, by the way.

    • Thank you!!! You should definitely come run some shorter races over my way. No beer seems to be the exception. When there’s none, I wonder what the race organizers were thinking … 🙂 Man, a half is a lot of effort just to get a beer!

  2. I don’t like running in the heat. I’m like you: ridiculous intolerance. But you finished! and it was done with good fuel at the end. Sometimes it’s just about doing, participating and finishing. Good job.
    (PS. Vancouver’s SeaWheeze will NOT be hot like this. Warm, maybe, but not humid at all).

    • Good to know about Vancouver! My intolerance concerns me considering things are only just starting to really heat up!! I didn’t really run much last summer. But you’re right, finishing is the key, and I can at least do that, even if it’s slightly undignified. 🙂

  3. I laughed out loud at your “beet face.” I, too, suffer from this affliction but refer to it as “tomato face.” 🙂
    I couldn’t love the Cops for Kids With Cancer logo any more than I already do. So awesome!

    • I know, right?! Love that logo so much. This red-race affliction drives me mildly nuts. My favorite part is how 10 minutes after I stop running, the redness intensifies! Embarrassment central!! 🙂

  4. I’ve had runs and races like that before where I am wondering what business have I ever had in contemplating a half-marathon. You just have to let it roll off of you and keep going forward. Even though it was a struggle, kudo’s to finishing in under 35 minutes!

    • Yeah, I wonder that every day!! 🙂 Oh well, I figure as long as I finish, I’ll be happy. Thanks for the kudos. One day, I’d like to get a teeny bit faster. One day …

  5. Run for wings, beer so
    Cold it stings, kids thanks they say
    Keep cancer at bay

    As always your writing makes the run seem so much better…can’t wait till your back on course.

  6. You are not alone in the heat intolerance business, I would define a perfect running day when it’s raining or cloudy. Here, they seem to love the heat, putting races at 11am when it’s already on the high 90’s by the time you finish it feels like 150. You shouldn’t hard on yourself, there are good days, there are bad days and there are terrible days, all that really matters is enjoying the race and always listen to your body.

    • Mmmm, cloudy is ideal! Maybe in the 50s-60s. With a light breeze. Man, I’m fussy, aren’t I! Yeah, I really do have to stop being so tough on myself. I’m just not sure how … 🙂

  7. Congrats! I DESPISE running in hot weather.. I don’t even know if I would’ve gone through with it! Good for you, miss!

  8. Oh crap. I think I jinxed you when I emailed you the day before and said there wouldn’t be any hills. You can blame me for that one… Don’t focus on the time too much. Listen to your body and it will get better. I will try and do the same on my next run. =)

    Also, I love that Andrew comments on our blog! Rich is always just like “Why don’t you pay attention to me like you do to your blog?” Pshh…..

    • Haha. I did think about that your comment when I was midway through this run. But don’t worry, I didn’t hold it against you! 🙂 It wouldn’t have mattered had I known in advance.

      Your comment about Rich made me laugh out loud. What does he think now that hubby has written an entire post!! Heehee.

  9. Almost to the halfway mark!!! 10:46 is really good. Do you have a goal time for your half?

    • Yay, almost halfway! It’s odd that things got slightly derailed RIGHT at the halfway point. My goal time right now is anything under three hours. 🙂

  10. Tracey, are you just trying to make excuses for being lazy?

  11. I am salivating! US races have the best swag..

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