My photo finish!

Avid readers (!) will recall my previous 5K, during which I ran for beer in Jack Kerouac’s ‘hood. What I didn’t mention was that during this race I demonstrated my first Blisteringly Fast Finish (note: may not actually have been blistering), helped along by my expert – and by now very fast – cheer squad of one.

The reason I bring it up is that I made Run With Ken!* Ken Skier is a New England race-circuit fixture (“the running photographer”) who takes pictures from within the pack. He always runs barefoot and cuts a distinctive figure at a race in his blue shirt and red bandana. He has a proclivity for after-race beer.

Normally there would be no way for me to be immortalized by Ken, as I am too slow (and thank God for that), but he was there at the finish line of the Jack Kerouac 5K to capture my Blisteringly Fast Finish and cheer me on as I crossed.  The words “you guys are on fire” may have been uttered.

Yes, I was on fire. It was written all over my flaming red face.

* The photo in question is on Run With Ken’s Facebook page rather than his main website. I dare you to seek us out (Hubby is there too).


2 responses to “My photo finish!

  1. 356 and 333? You should download them and post them here, with credit to Ken!

    • Ah yes, Ken is quite strict about re-using his photos. I could do it, but I’d have to go through him first. That’s OK, I’d rather preserve the mystery! That is a truly scary photo of me. It’s where I decided I look like a moose.