Police, poignancy and impatience: Jamie Cochrane Memorial Road Race

Jamie Cochrane Memorial Road Race, Quincy, MA.

The Stars and Stripes hovers over the start of the Jamie Cochrane Memorial Road Race on Sept 11, 2011.

With Hubby away with the Massachusetts National Guard, it was time for my first – gasp – solo 5K. Technically I always run solo, but usually have my other half/cheering squad at the finish line to help me cross.

But I couldn’t resist this race as it was practically on my doorstep: the Officer Jamie Cochrane Memorial Road Race, held in Quincy, MA, the place I currently call home. It was a stunning day for a race, possibly the nicest since I started doing these events. It also happened to be September 11, so it was heavy on the poignancy. The event raised money for various charities.

Jamie Cochrane Memorial Road Race, Quincy, MA

This 5K was also a 10K. Here, a sign to make sure I really didn't get into trouble.

The course was flat and lovely, running right along Quincy Shore Drive, where we often walk. You would think the combination of remarkable weather plus flatness plus potentially inspiring scenery would add up to my best time yet … But no.

As I get (hopefully) more involved with this running business, I’d like to find out why even when all the conditions seem perfect and you feel good, why your time doesn’t seem to reflect it. I guess it’s just a matter of figuring out how to go faster. Naturally, in comparison with the New Hampshire Hill From Hell my time was relatively good. And I can’t expect to radically improve after just four runs. Can I?

I want to be better right now!

I need to stop thinking about the time and start focusing on the fact that I still can’t run the whole way.

Running with the Quincy Police

Hands-down the best part of this race? The heavy police presence. No, they weren’t getting out their batons to correct wayward knees. Rather, members of the Quincy Police Academy were running in formation while singing cadences. Right behind me.

I figure if I can come in before the cops, perhaps things aren’t so bad.

The event: Officer Jamie Cochrane Memorial Road Race
The location: Quincy, MA
The date: September 11, 2011
My time: 35.50
The T-shirt:
Long-sleeved black shirt
The aftermath: Cheese burgers, pasta salad!

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4 responses to “Police, poignancy and impatience: Jamie Cochrane Memorial Road Race

  1. Strangely they don’t market this as an event where you can outrun the law, but clearly they should. It would get a lot of folks in! So, life of crime now?

    • They should definitely market it like that! Although I have a feeling I didn’t beat them fairly. I’d be slow too if I had to sing and run for 35 minutes.

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