Ralking in the USA: Jamie’s Fund Road Race

My goal is not to run a marathon. Or even a half-marathon. At least not at this point. I don’t think there’s enough asthma medication in the world that would allow me to do it. Not yet.

I would like to be able to run an entire 5K though. While I have enjoyed telling others about my “ralking” (run/walking), it does take a bit too much explanation, despite the term’s presence in the Urban Dictionary.

My third 5K: running in the rain

5K number three was the Jamie’s Fund Road Race in Mansfield, MA. (The Jamie Fund supports children with special needs.) It was a gloomy kind of day, and I had reservations about even going out to do it. But Hubby kept insisting that running in the rain was the best way to go (that’s his Army training speaking), so I relented. One thing about this running business is it certainly gets you up early on a weekend morning.

We lined up and I positioned myself in the customary back-of-the-pack position among the giant strollers. I am developing strong admiration for these mothers who can push an extra 50 pounds of weight in front of them and still beat me! (Note: it’s not that difficult to beat me.)

The rain managed to hold off until the gun fired (of course) so the first mile or so was an exercise in sogginess. I sweat so much, however, it was hard to tell where the perspiration stopped and the rain started. At least I managed to not contribute to the water weight by spilling bottled H20 down my front (see: 5 things I learned on my first 5K).

Less walk, more run

With my goal in mind, I was determined to run the first full mile. And what do you know? The rain was my friend, cooling me down and helping me go farther for longer. The heat is my nemesis, usually.

I got through the first mile but then had to take a walk break. It was on and off in this fashion for the rest of the race. The hard-core like to call it “intervals”. I can’t bring myself to fully adopt the lingo yet; I feel like a fraud.

Time: a revisionist history

I was a little disappointed that my time was off from 5K No 2, but I have come to understand the difference between the “gun time” and the “chip time.” Because I start so far back, it usually takes me a good 20 seconds to actually cross the start line. So I have made a little mental adjustment and come up with time of under 36 minutes. I may call on this technique whenever I am unhappy with my result. It’s OK, the internet doesn’t lie, so my “official” time is still up there for all the world to see.

The event: Jamie’s Fund Road Race
The location: Mansfield, MA
The date: August 27, 2011
My time: 36.07
Hubby’s time:
The T-shirt:
White cotton shirt with Jamie’s Fund logo
The aftermath: Bananas!


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