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My first-ever 5K

To say I was unprepared for my inaugural road race is an understatement.

Before the Chick fil-A 5K. My first run ever.

My expression conceals my fear pre-5K No 1. I may never look this relaxed again.

Army hubby, who had started running about six months before, was picking up his “packet” (which I was quite sad to learn did not contain potato chips) for the 2011 Chick fil-A 5K and Running of the Cows in Newport News, Va, when he turned to me and said: “You want to do it too?”

“Errrrrr, sure,” I replied, promptly breaking out into a lavish sweat. I am an asthmatic, you see. I know that means little at a time when every second athlete seems to be sporting a puffer, but it has always kept me from doing anything that even remotely resembles running.

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