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Mamma Chia: Can I resist ya?

Mamma Chia Rasperry PassionUntil recently, my only exposure to chia was in the form of those hairy Pets that were big in the ’90s (they also now come in the form of a chia George Washington and a chia Abraham Lincoln, which is just wrong).

But I learned via Hubby, who brought home a packet of chia seeds and implored me to make a pudding out of them (I haven’t yet), that chia is known as “the running food.” As lore has it, the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas could run all day  powered by these tiny seeds.

To test the theory, I warily consented to try Mamma Chia (also procured by Hubby, who seems to be on the payroll of Big Chia). This “vitality beverage” – which is apparently loaded with omega-3, antioxidants and other healthful ingredients du jour – claims to be “fun for your mouth – great for your body.” I was dubious.

However, as Australia is the world’s biggest producer of chia, I decided to give Mamma Chia a go – in the interests of national pride, of course.

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