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5 things I learned on my first 5K

1. Carrying a bottle of water is fine, but make sure the lid is back on tight after you take a swig. Otherwise you may end up with water down the front of your shorts that looks vaguely suspicious and takes the entire run to dry.

2. Leave your rings at home. Your fingers will swell and you won’t be able to get them off for the rest of the day. Plus, it hurts.

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My first-ever 5K

To say I was unprepared for my inaugural road race is an understatement.

Before the Chick fil-A 5K. My first run ever.

My expression conceals my fear pre-5K No 1. I may never look this relaxed again.

Army hubby, who had started running about six months before, was picking up his “packet” (which I was quite sad to learn did not contain potato chips) for the 2011 Chick fil-A 5K and Running of the Cows in Newport News, Va, when he turned to me and said: “You want to do it too?”

“Errrrrr, sure,” I replied, promptly breaking out into a lavish sweat. I am an asthmatic, you see. I know that means little at a time when every second athlete seems to be sporting a puffer, but it has always kept me from doing anything that even remotely resembles running.

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